Magic Storms

Adventure Recap Session 5

July 04

Ymir escorts prisoners back to Grunwald Party descends into caverns, finds trails, leading to bodies which are investigated and noted for being bitten Party encounters two barbarians fleeing the ant free for all and subdues the barbarians Party encounters free for all and joins the fight. Phy realizes that one Ant is fighting defensively. After the barbarians and minions are defeated. Elknar user Red EarthPower on Phy, Vivid Detail is used on the experiment. Phy plays her flute and communicates ‘Go Home’ to the ant who leaves. Thurin blocks the tunnel

Party continues onward, finds main hole dug by the ant, Thurin blocks the hole Party finds final group of barbarians fighting minions with Zathras and Eric behind the blade barrier

Party joins fight against both sides. Minion 5 asks who the party is, Minion 5 has Error of Judgement played on him, so Minion 5 answers the question back about where the Minions are from Minion 5 starts to say “The land returned far to the south from your places here” A paralysis spell shoots out from behind the barrier and freezes Minion 5, followed rapidly by a word of recall taking away Eric and Zathras Unexpected event played on Minion 7 to prevent Minion 7 from killing Minion 5 Party finishes off the rest of the combatants and later questions Minion 5 who after explaining the fate worse than death that awaits him is allowed to suicide by entering the blade barrier

Party enters the crypt and finds the dead Shaman (# of Shaman noted) and blood over the pulsing dinosaur skull. Skull is cleaned up and restored which prevents a second magic storm

Party returns to Grunwald and reports to Gundar who hosts a feast for the party

July 5 – 24

Party returns to Haven, LoreMaster Halman is noticed observing people from the Visitor Center.

Adventure Recap Session 4
Barbarian Mounds

June 1 -3

Magical items are identified and chosen Ymir buys plate mail armor as an upgrade from his split mail (500 gold). Armor will take a week to create

Thurin remembers that his late wife had Shiral earrings

June 4 – 6

Galen holds a meeting and relays what he has learned about the mirrors and the Magic Storm in Mogur’s Mound. Galen requests the party go to Yartar and complete the investigation about the armors. Then proceed to Grunwald and get permission from Gundar to investigate the mound. Galen also mentions about the Blue Bear Tribe being in the area of the mound which is unusual

Phy buys clothes and fittings to dress like a barbarian Thurin buys goods and equipment to take over brewing for the Haven Free Alliance and Master Melvin

June 7 – 9

Party leaves Haven, on the evening of the 9th, during the third watch the bug bears attack Phy wakes the party who defeat the bugbears, leaving 1 survivor who is questioned and allow to flee back to the high forest

June 10 – 16

Party proceeds onward. On the 16th a day out from Yartar, the party encounters 4 Manticores attacking a Yartar Caravan. The party rides to the rescue of the injured people and defeats two of the Manticores after putting two to sleep Saida examines one of the spikes and realizes it is partially metallic indicating that the Zeta Manticores survived and bred

June 17

Party arrives at Yartar, visits Eldin who identifies Garek as the maker of the Armors and that Garek has done work for ‘The Guild’ Party goes sees Garek (Joy is played on Garek). Garek agrees to reveal what he knows if he will be left along afterwards Garek reveals the following; Millard ordered a complete set (20 armors made) Erik also ordered a complete set (20 armors made) and sent to Port Llast Erik had a strange accent that Garek did not recognize Party advised Garek to not have any more to do with The One

June 18-28

Party proceeds north, stops at Longsaddle, Saida gets information from Sage on barbarians Party encounters the aftermath of a fight between Blue Bear Barbarians and The One Minions Speak with animals is used to determine that the minions attacked the barbarians Surviving barbarians went south, surviving minions went north west

June 29-30

Party proceeds on to Grunwald, Ymir attracts attention using the amulet King Gundar and his advisors come out and meet party, Sharman examines party and tells King that these are the group forseen (players sigh)

Gundar states conditions and party agrees and is given tokens to permit them to go into the Mound Ymir wrestles and makes friends and the tribe considers adopting Ymir Elknar and Phy help with wood making and related tasks

July 1 – 3

Party proceeds to the Mound, they encounter a fight between Barbarians / Shaman and Minions Shaman is performing ritual. Saida uses (All Gone) and Thurin invokes his god and ritual is stopped and bad guys blown off mound Fight occurs with Elknar using black and white EarthPower, Phy uses silence of Shaman to interrupt Beast Power. Fight proceeds for a while finally outlasting the silence due to dice rolls Phy saves cause disease which is good, fails vs bestow curse

Bad guys are finally defeated and tied up / gagged. Session stops at the point party still needs to investigate the area inside the mound

Adventure Recap Session 3
Falcon's Keep

April 21-28

Thurin goes to BlackRock to retrieve the armors from the attackers there (will lead to Yartar) Thurin gets message from Silurian (Eldak) which Thurin delivers to both Liam and Galen and later the party Thurin asks for information on EarthPower

April 28-30

Party arrives back with chest and mirror and stuff Poor Liam gets a lot of shocks concerning EarthPower and things being done Party has meeting, Chest will be priority and then mirror Thurin shares his information and the message

May 01-03

Saida prays and talks to Amak, both enjoy the conversation Amak provides the rituals for new chests and sending the Weave piece back Party meets and Saida lays out what is needed from people Thurin goes and prays to ‘his god’ who answers and tells Thurin, not to worry about the stone mason work and the spell Two chests are created, and the required artwork and spells are done

Ritual is done to send the Weave piece back with assistance. A voice (Amak) is heard Liam and Halman witness the event,

May 06

Party minus Elknar meets and decides to go to Yartar with the chest Information about the Mirror, magic items and the BlackRock armors are all shared

May 07-17

Party travels to Yartar uneventfully arriving late in the day on the day on the 17th Thurin goes to the tavern and orders the Moonshae Ale, causing Victor to set plan into motion Victor tell Thurin to go to warehouse and bring it Party scopes out Warehouse and notes people going in and not coming out When the time comes party splits up and Thurin and Ymir go in with the chest Events do not go well for Victor and his stupid cronies, one of whom is killed Victor surrenders after being offered the chest Victor directs them to Falcon Keep Phy apologizes in thieves cant for the mess

May 19 – 21

Party travels to Falcon Keep and spends time observing, notes the sentries and the hobgoblins Saida uses Astrology to suggest way to get hobgoblins to let them pass Party talks to hobgoblins who say to kill dead things Party enters caves and defeats Zombies Party finds crypts and loot and evil temple to Cyric, Inopportune Arrival is played (Kelemvor appears) More zombies are defeated, and temple is destroyed by Kelemvor. Ymir takes Falcon’s sword

Party goes upstairs and sneaks into Millard’s room avoiding guards (note to GM don’t give them so many ways) Millard is defeated (Seal of Solomon used to cut off his magic) Guards are defeated as is Waco who recognizes Ziya’s holy symbol

Saida’s comment “come over here if you’re ready to die for the one”

Party gathers loot and leaves deciding to return directly to Haven

May 31

Party arrives back in Haven

Adventure Recap Session 2
Grimstead Ruins

April 1-7

Thurin goes to BlackRock to retrieve the armors from the attackers there (will lead to Yartar) Galen holds meeting, informs party that armors from lair were made by one of two armors in Everlund Galen will pay party $200 gold each to go to Everlund and investigate to determine which armorer made the sets and for whom. Saida and Phy ask about Detect Lie, Galen says he will attempt to get scrolls (Galen gets 2 scrolls)

April 8-10

Party leaves Haven, heading north On the 10th Saida’s tattoo burns and she feels a pull northward (‘One’ minions found a piece of The Weave)

April 11-12

Party encounters 3 barbarians attacking a caravan returning to Haven Party assists caravan by attacking barbarians Elknar successfully uses Black EarthPower Two barbarians are defeated, last is made to flee Ymir claims barbarian axes as throwing weapons

April 13-14

Party arrives at Everlund, in the evening of the 13th Phy and Elknar go visit Draken with detect lie running Draken is identified as lying about the armors and is very nervous until Phy commands Draken to relax Draken is bribed to ‘research’ the armors and will reply at the end of the day Saida is observing and notices that Draken is not doing anything Sam (Draken’s apprentice) tells Saida that Draken is being forced to make the armors

Phy and Elknar next go visit Urkin who is wary of two Drow. Haven is name dropped to good effect Urkin identifies Draken as maker of armors, implies something odd about situation and that Urkin does not want to get involved

Phy and Elknar return to Draken in the evening, learn that Draken’s wife and daughter were kidnapped by Trenni Party gets location of minion base in Grimstead ruins

April 15-18

Party heads to Grimstead traveling cross country Near the ruins, party encounters Kobold band paid by Trenni Using effective shows of presence, party gets kobolds to avoid fight (3/4 xp) Party arrives at Grimstead, see 3 minions leaving Minions are captured and ‘questioned’ by Ymir and Phy, party learns details of remaining minions inside Minions are tied up

April 19

Party sneaks into Grimstead and goes down to lower level, encounters 3 very drunk minions who are subdued Party explores ruins, encounters Trenni talking via mirror, Trenni is attacked and defeated Chest is noted as unusual, Elknar reads Stasis Party defeats Verbeeg and rescues prisoners Party searches Trenni’s quarters and takes information and treasure chest

April 20-23

Party returns prisoners to Everlund and re-unites Draken with his family Elknar reclaims bribe and gets requested bracers

April 23-28

Party swiftly returns to Haven, Ymir hides mirror outside of Haven Chest is explained to Galen who will quickly work out means to safely deal with contents Elknar tells Saida about wanting to learn EarthPower Oh God and Dumb Luck are played on Weave efforts

Adventure Recap Session 1
The Lair of Death


March 3-6

Saida arrives in Haven and meets with High Priest Liam, they discuss Galen and Galen’s motives regarding magic storms. Saida takes a dorm room in the Temple and watches Galen’s residence

March 7

Phy arrives and surprises the guards at the gate, goes to the visitor center and gets directions to Galen’s Phy surprises Eric and Galen, Galen explains his offer with Phy answering as she chooses. Phy takes up a room

Later Elknar arrives and asks Visitor’s center for inn that druids go to, get name of inn by dwarven temple. Elknar goes that asks about Guen, gets told she is not in Haven but to go see temple of the Sun Lord. Elknar goes to see Liam who says he can get a message to Guen. Elknar writes message, mentions Zak. Elknar goes and visits Galen who is again surprised. Galen makes offer and Elknar accepts and gives the inn Elknar is staying at

Next up is Ymir who completely surprises Galen and who is eager to go right away. Galen and Eric arrange for a large sized cottage for Ymir

Thurin arrives (a relief someone relatively normal), Thurin remarks on the stone chair and shows no problem with working with two Drow and a Storm Giant. Galen gives Thurin alcohol

Saida completes the list and exchanges jabs with Galen and learns about what Galen knows about the magic storms and parts of the mission

March 8

Galen assembles the party and explains the mission to the Lair, questions are asked about the chest and its markings. The party accepts and is given ½ down payment 300 gold each, Phy has money!

People go shopping, Thurin recommends Malcom for weapons and Master Locan for armor Ymir buys splint armor which will be ready in 3 days, Locan mentions Storvald being “friend” Malcom gets business from Phy and Said, Saida buys a superior hammer, Phy buys a sword Malcom considers second rate and commissions a new one Thurin goes potion shopping, Whimsy Card Pity played on Storm Warden who knows some stuff about Thurin so Thurin gets healing potions at a considerable discount

Thurin takes drinking job with Master Brewer (10 gold). Master Brewer rolls 20 on brewing (complete failure, much disgrace), Thurin fails CON roll but is not poisoned (just)

March 11 – 18

Party leaves Haven, notices Lightning Storm on Mountains on the 12th, Ymir’s mom was most upset On the 13th 5 boars attack and are defeated

Party continues and arrives at Crom Hold. Baron gives them map into Marshes and warns about the lizardmen and the orcs

March 19 – 20

Party ventures into the Marsh, on the 19th they hear combat and come upon 3 orcs and a goblin fighting Red Eye and his patrol The party moves into the fight and defeats the orcs and goblin Party heals Red Eye who gives advice about the Black Feather tribe being bad

Party proceeds onward in the direction provided by Red Eye, coming upon the lair area they see 6 lizardmen sorting through look The party attacks and via back stabbing and magic, defeats the lizardmen Elknar tries channeling black untrained, dagger melts in response Party examines area, finds ‘minion’ armors and the pieces of candle wax and the other loot the entrance to the lair is located

Party proceeds into lair and searches the lair, finding the bones and the bodies and the note and writing on the wall Thurin will eventually connect WE LIV with “we live for the one, we die for the one” and go pale

Hearing the chanting, they interrupt the end on the ceremony, the Lizard Shaman, orders the 6 remaining lizardmen to kill the party During the fight Whimsy Card Nuisance is played to stop a lizard man from attacking Phy The Shaman and the lizard men are all defeated The loot is found, and the melted chest is confirmed to belong to Diirinka The party gathers all the stuff and returns to Haven

March 30

Party arrives back at Haven

Episode - Pre Planning
It was the dawn of a new age

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