Magic Storms

Adventure Recap Session 5


July 04

Ymir escorts prisoners back to Grunwald Party descends into caverns, finds trails, leading to bodies which are investigated and noted for being bitten Party encounters two barbarians fleeing the ant free for all and subdues the barbarians Party encounters free for all and joins the fight. Phy realizes that one Ant is fighting defensively. After the barbarians and minions are defeated. Elknar user Red EarthPower on Phy, Vivid Detail is used on the experiment. Phy plays her flute and communicates ‘Go Home’ to the ant who leaves. Thurin blocks the tunnel

Party continues onward, finds main hole dug by the ant, Thurin blocks the hole Party finds final group of barbarians fighting minions with Zathras and Eric behind the blade barrier

Party joins fight against both sides. Minion 5 asks who the party is, Minion 5 has Error of Judgement played on him, so Minion 5 answers the question back about where the Minions are from Minion 5 starts to say “The land returned far to the south from your places here” A paralysis spell shoots out from behind the barrier and freezes Minion 5, followed rapidly by a word of recall taking away Eric and Zathras Unexpected event played on Minion 7 to prevent Minion 7 from killing Minion 5 Party finishes off the rest of the combatants and later questions Minion 5 who after explaining the fate worse than death that awaits him is allowed to suicide by entering the blade barrier

Party enters the crypt and finds the dead Shaman (# of Shaman noted) and blood over the pulsing dinosaur skull. Skull is cleaned up and restored which prevents a second magic storm

Party returns to Grunwald and reports to Gundar who hosts a feast for the party

July 5 – 24

Party returns to Haven, LoreMaster Halman is noticed observing people from the Visitor Center.


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