Magic Storms

Adventure Recap Session 4

Barbarian Mounds

June 1 -3

Magical items are identified and chosen Ymir buys plate mail armor as an upgrade from his split mail (500 gold). Armor will take a week to create

Thurin remembers that his late wife had Shiral earrings

June 4 – 6

Galen holds a meeting and relays what he has learned about the mirrors and the Magic Storm in Mogur’s Mound. Galen requests the party go to Yartar and complete the investigation about the armors. Then proceed to Grunwald and get permission from Gundar to investigate the mound. Galen also mentions about the Blue Bear Tribe being in the area of the mound which is unusual

Phy buys clothes and fittings to dress like a barbarian Thurin buys goods and equipment to take over brewing for the Haven Free Alliance and Master Melvin

June 7 – 9

Party leaves Haven, on the evening of the 9th, during the third watch the bug bears attack Phy wakes the party who defeat the bugbears, leaving 1 survivor who is questioned and allow to flee back to the high forest

June 10 – 16

Party proceeds onward. On the 16th a day out from Yartar, the party encounters 4 Manticores attacking a Yartar Caravan. The party rides to the rescue of the injured people and defeats two of the Manticores after putting two to sleep Saida examines one of the spikes and realizes it is partially metallic indicating that the Zeta Manticores survived and bred

June 17

Party arrives at Yartar, visits Eldin who identifies Garek as the maker of the Armors and that Garek has done work for ‘The Guild’ Party goes sees Garek (Joy is played on Garek). Garek agrees to reveal what he knows if he will be left along afterwards Garek reveals the following; Millard ordered a complete set (20 armors made) Erik also ordered a complete set (20 armors made) and sent to Port Llast Erik had a strange accent that Garek did not recognize Party advised Garek to not have any more to do with The One

June 18-28

Party proceeds north, stops at Longsaddle, Saida gets information from Sage on barbarians Party encounters the aftermath of a fight between Blue Bear Barbarians and The One Minions Speak with animals is used to determine that the minions attacked the barbarians Surviving barbarians went south, surviving minions went north west

June 29-30

Party proceeds on to Grunwald, Ymir attracts attention using the amulet King Gundar and his advisors come out and meet party, Sharman examines party and tells King that these are the group forseen (players sigh)

Gundar states conditions and party agrees and is given tokens to permit them to go into the Mound Ymir wrestles and makes friends and the tribe considers adopting Ymir Elknar and Phy help with wood making and related tasks

July 1 – 3

Party proceeds to the Mound, they encounter a fight between Barbarians / Shaman and Minions Shaman is performing ritual. Saida uses (All Gone) and Thurin invokes his god and ritual is stopped and bad guys blown off mound Fight occurs with Elknar using black and white EarthPower, Phy uses silence of Shaman to interrupt Beast Power. Fight proceeds for a while finally outlasting the silence due to dice rolls Phy saves cause disease which is good, fails vs bestow curse

Bad guys are finally defeated and tied up / gagged. Session stops at the point party still needs to investigate the area inside the mound


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