Magic Storms

Adventure Recap Session 3

Falcon's Keep

April 21-28

Thurin goes to BlackRock to retrieve the armors from the attackers there (will lead to Yartar) Thurin gets message from Silurian (Eldak) which Thurin delivers to both Liam and Galen and later the party Thurin asks for information on EarthPower

April 28-30

Party arrives back with chest and mirror and stuff Poor Liam gets a lot of shocks concerning EarthPower and things being done Party has meeting, Chest will be priority and then mirror Thurin shares his information and the message

May 01-03

Saida prays and talks to Amak, both enjoy the conversation Amak provides the rituals for new chests and sending the Weave piece back Party meets and Saida lays out what is needed from people Thurin goes and prays to ‘his god’ who answers and tells Thurin, not to worry about the stone mason work and the spell Two chests are created, and the required artwork and spells are done

Ritual is done to send the Weave piece back with assistance. A voice (Amak) is heard Liam and Halman witness the event,

May 06

Party minus Elknar meets and decides to go to Yartar with the chest Information about the Mirror, magic items and the BlackRock armors are all shared

May 07-17

Party travels to Yartar uneventfully arriving late in the day on the day on the 17th Thurin goes to the tavern and orders the Moonshae Ale, causing Victor to set plan into motion Victor tell Thurin to go to warehouse and bring it Party scopes out Warehouse and notes people going in and not coming out When the time comes party splits up and Thurin and Ymir go in with the chest Events do not go well for Victor and his stupid cronies, one of whom is killed Victor surrenders after being offered the chest Victor directs them to Falcon Keep Phy apologizes in thieves cant for the mess

May 19 – 21

Party travels to Falcon Keep and spends time observing, notes the sentries and the hobgoblins Saida uses Astrology to suggest way to get hobgoblins to let them pass Party talks to hobgoblins who say to kill dead things Party enters caves and defeats Zombies Party finds crypts and loot and evil temple to Cyric, Inopportune Arrival is played (Kelemvor appears) More zombies are defeated, and temple is destroyed by Kelemvor. Ymir takes Falcon’s sword

Party goes upstairs and sneaks into Millard’s room avoiding guards (note to GM don’t give them so many ways) Millard is defeated (Seal of Solomon used to cut off his magic) Guards are defeated as is Waco who recognizes Ziya’s holy symbol

Saida’s comment “come over here if you’re ready to die for the one”

Party gathers loot and leaves deciding to return directly to Haven

May 31

Party arrives back in Haven


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